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Let Go, Let God

I sat at work today, watching my co-worker sit on the verge of tears because of everything that was going on in the office. Patients not coming in, canceling at the last minute. Not making our goal. Money not being collected, and companies not paying on claims. It was more than she could bear, and my heart was hurting because of her pain. I’ve been praying to God about my own issues, but I put those aside today to pray for someone else. For her. For all of my coworkers. For our business as a whole, because we are a team.  As I prayed throughout the day, I wrote her a letter on my lunch break, telling her to let go.  God is only limited by our lack of faith.  I needed her to stand in one accord with me, to believe He could turn this around, that He could give us more than enough. She did.  And when she did, God showed up and showed out, giving us more than enough, putting us over goal, and setting us back on track within a matter of hours. I am still speechless. Speak those things as if they were. speak them into existence, and watch God move. Just watching Him move today has put me at peace with everything that is going on in my life. I have moved out of His way, and am living a life of expectancy….expecting God to give me everything He promised me, because I have given myself to Him. Let go. Let God.



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We spend so much of our everyday lives dealing with nonstop confusion: from work, to kids, pets, traffic, cellphones, bills, stress, and countless other issues, that we go from living to just existing STOP. PICK A FLOWER, AND INHALE IT’S FRAGRANCE. WATCH THE SUNRISE, OR A SUNSET, WHICHEVER TICKLES YOUR FANCY. HUG A LOVED ONE. SMILE AT A STRANGER. TAKE IN THE INTOXICATING SMELL OF THE FRESH RAIN WHILE JUMPING IN A PUDDLE. BETTER YET, GO DANCING IN THE RAIN! GO SKYDIVING, PARASAILING, TAKE THAT VACATION YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF. AND WHEN YOU FALL INTO BED AT NIGHT, ASK YOURSELF, “Did I live today to the best of my ability?” If not, when He awakens you from your slumber the following morning, first give Him thanks for giving you another chance to be the best you can be, and do just that. Touch a life. Be the change you wish to see in the world, and since we don’t get another chance at this thing called life, live it like you mean it. This is the final curtain call. Stop surviving, doing the same thing every single day. Splash some color into your world, and show others how to do the same. Stop just existing, and let your light shine. LIVE.